About Us

What does Equine Supported Programs do?

ESP is a recognised, experiential Learning, Growth & Healing (LG&H) service, offering individual and Group-based activities in a safe space natural setting, where horses, other animals, and nature support people to:

• Build Resilience & Feel Empowered
• Enhance Health & Wellness
• Develop Meaningful Relationships

People experience theme-based, relationship-centered activities with horses (and / or other animals & nature) which is supportive for their well-being including:

• Social / Emotional / Mental / Physical Health
• Personal Development, Growth & Learning
• Self-Regulation & Coping Skills
• Health Shifts (healing)
• Rest, Respite & Recovery
• Feeling Supported without Judgment or Pressure
• Free Expression & Play (feel alive)
• Deep Somatic (Body) Awareness
• Ability to Adapt with Healthy Resilience
• Clear Communication (non-violent)
• Engagement & Motivation (having a go)
• Feeling Peaceful & Deeply Relaxed

Horses are uniquely valuable during sessions as they provide authentic feedback, healthy modeling, and sincere support.

 “Horses are ‘feelings’ animals (are aware of their feelings and body sensations as well as others); and as we are ultimately working with peoples’ feelings, they are a valuable support in this field.” (Michelle Roockley)

Horses are supportive, honest teachers, friends, and mentors

They help us become more aware of our self-needs in life.

This provides us with empowering life skills, enhanced health, meaningful relationships and life-changing belief in self.


“Feel empowered, connected and alive with horses in nature…”  (Michelle Roockley)