Ethics & Standards

Ethics and Standards


Equine Supported Programs (ESP) recognises the need for clear, fair ethics and standards for practice within the ESP model (and beyond).

They reflect necessary, minimum guidelines for Equine / Animal / Nature Assisted  (experiential) Learning and Therapeutic modalities for best-practice service delivery and horse/human/animal/nature/practitioner welfare.

The ethics and standards have been shaped and realised through the growth of Michelle’s professional and personal journey while developing ESP over the past years, as well as relevant published documents, reference material, and professional consultation.

This document represents the first shaping of ESP ethics and standards, with the respect that it continues to evolve, reflecting the integral growth of service delivery within the ESP model.

Last reviewing and publishing: 30/5/2020 Michelle Rockley

References: AAII (Animal Assisted Intervention International) Standards of Practice; Australian Counselling Association Code of Ethics and Practice; Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI) Values and Code of Ethics; Equine Connection Ethics; IAHAIO White Paper & ‘One Health’ concept; Path International Ethics & Standards.