Our Mission, Vision & Values


ESP is a recognised, accessible service and model, which endeavors to:
“Provide a supportive, safe space to learn, grow and heal together”

Our vision aligns well with our values:
“Inspiring hope, peace, and fulfillment for the greater good in our world”

Our core values are our guidelines:
Accessibility, Inclusivity, Compassion, Safety, Fairness

Which flow through our ethical culture:
• We are considerate to all beings & form of life (human, animal & nature)
• We are respectful & accepting of others’ choices, beliefs, values, culture
• We acknowledge the importance of safety, awareness & openness
• We deeply regard individuals’ confidentiality, privacy & consent
• We value individuality, differentiation & diversity
• We are grateful for all opportunities of learning, growth & healing
• We regard well-being as a healthy state of holism which is deserved by all

Our way with horses, animals, and humans is founded on Compassionate Relationship:

Deep mutual regard for self and others, through open invitation & listening, request & reflect, consideration & consent, attuning to and responding to yes & no communications, boundaries, spacial, and all other needs.