Service Delivery


ESP Services are required to:

  1. Remain within the competency scope of modalities offered and professionally qualified in. (i.e. if the practitioner is not professionally qualified/licensed in psychotherapy or counseling – this may not be included in the service delivery) .
  2. Remain within Equine Supported Programs’ facilitation and competency scope, (i.e. ‘Shared Experiential Learning, Growth & Healing’ within ESP’S facilitation format).
  3. Mounted experiences on horses (and any other animal) are required to remain within the Equine Supported Programs’ facilitation scope.(i.e. are offered as gentle, led experiences – supporting the person to feel ‘lifted, held & carried’ by the horse); and may only be offered where the practitioner/facilitator is appropriately qualified and insured for mounted experiences.


ESP Practitioners / Facilitators are responsible for:


  1. Clearly and correctly representing themselves within Equine Supported Programs’ facilitation and certification competencies and requirements.
  2. Providing clarity about cost, booking and cancelation procedures, program/session content, accessibility, duration, and facilitation processes for services provided.
  3. Referring clients to appropriate/useful resources and specialist service providers when needed and/or out of the scope of practice.
  4. Providing services that are professionally supportive and loyal to their clients’ needs.
  5. Assessing and monitoring the facilitation, service delivery, environmental setting, and client/horse/animal/nature/practitioner dynamic(s) to comply with and suit the needs of all (as best can).