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Indi is a Beautiful, pure Arabian Mare – she is about 14/15 years old, loves scratches on her neck and is sensitive to feelings. She often enjoys spending time a little further from her herd friends. Her best friend is Rosie – the Chestnut (orange-colour horse). Indi often teaches people about Feelings.


Rosie is a Darling part Arabian, part Welsh Mare – she is about 13 / 14 years old and has only ever ‘lifted, held and carried’ a person once. This was my daughter (Lucy) – she and Rosie share a special bond. I believe Rosie sees herself as a Mother Nurturing Mare in both horse and human herd. She often teaches people how to feel Better.


Kisses is a Sweet, Thoroughbred Mare – she is the youngest of the herd family and often is quite cheeky. She loves food, play, and food! Her friend Prince is her guiding gelding since her soul-friend Rocky Junior sadly passed away May last year. She often teaches people about Trust.


Pony is a very Smart and sometimes Silly pony – she loves to ‘hang-out’ with the Big Horses and in particular – Prince – the biggest horse. She is very smart and knows the exact time some ‘big horse’ food crumbs are ready to be vacuumed! She often teaches people all about being Patient!


Prince is a Majestic Thoroughbred Gelding who is about 10 years old – he won many Thoroughbred races, and now has a new purpose with humans, which I believe he much prefers. He often teaches humans how to Communicate.


In loving Memory of our BFG (Big Friendly Giant). Rocky was a big thoroughbred who shared a special bond with Nyal (my partner and Lucy’s Dad). We often said that Rocky was just the same as Nyal – Rocky used to even snore sometimes! We love him and miss his huge, friendly, funny ways.


Penny is a very special part Arabian, part Welsh pony mare. She is special because she looks different with quite a ‘dipped’ back and tiny forelock (fringe). We love her curious ways and very graceful, nimble movements. Her best friend is Pony – they both remind us of Pony Unicorns, especially when they are in the forest together. 
Penny often teaches us about Kindness.


Zen is the perfect combination of Strength and Gentleness. He is a handsome, golden, Quarter Horse Gelding and often has many scratches and marks on his body as he just seems to not mind! Sometimes, he reminds me of a bulldozer in the forest, as I can’t see him, only hear him crashing through – he has created some new nice tracks in there too! Zen often teaches people about Confidence.


Indi is a loving (and sometimes shy) NZ Sheep Dog. She is a fully trained sheepdog too! Her favorite game is to bring the ball for you to throw, so she can run, get it, and bring back for another go.  Indi often teaches people that its OK to say “no” (thank you).


Missy is a sweet, medium-haired Border Collie.  She is the youngest of the animals here (nearly 2) and loves everyone, often becoming very excited whenever people arrive – she is learning to manage her body’s excitement urges (jumping up), so that she can help people know that she cares for other’s feelings very much. Missy often teaches people about feeling ‘grounded (friendly and calm)’.


Cookie (or ‘Queen Cookie’ as she prefers) is a beautiful cat, who is also very friendly and enjoys ‘hanging out’ and engaging with us. This is a picture of Cookie and Missy snuggled together.  Cookie really likes gentle pats and is a wonderful Queen – often teaching others about ‘leadership/fellowship / friendship’

Nature Spaces:

The ‘Nature Spaces’ include forest tracks, gardens, cleared pasture and dam areas, horse/animal-friendly areas, places to explore and to relax.