The following Programs are available as both:

•A 7 session, flow on themed program – 7 days (10am – 2pm)
•A summarised version of the program over 1 day (10am – 2pm)
Simply discuss your ‘when and how’ needs before booking.

Believe with Horses Program Building Resilience – well suited for those:

* Seeking to enhance their personal potential & well-being
* Experiencing emotional / mental health conditions
* Struggling with every-day life
* Confused about life choices
* Faced with change or concern in their life
* Living in overwhelming / complex situations
* Seeking useful, guided life-skill support
* Enhancing workplace / career / team-sport / school / education fulfillment

Nurture with Horses Program Health & Wellness – well suited for those:

* Seeking to enhance their health & wellness
* Experiencing physical health challenges
* Struggling with their physical health in general
* Confused about self-health choices
* Faced with change or concern about their health
* Living with overwhelming health conditions (i.e. pain)
* Seeking useful, guided health & wellness support
* Feeling overwhelmed (stressed) with life, in general
* Enhancing workplace / career / team-sport / education wellness (& self-care)

Connect with Horses Program Meaningful Relationships – well suited for those;

*Wishing to connect with others or re-connect with self
* Struggling with relationships in life
* Experiencing family, friendship or intimate relationship challenges
* Confused about relationship choices as a pattern in their lives
* Faced with relationship change or concern
* Living in overwhelming relationship situations
* Seeking to enhance their relationships with self & others
* Seeking useful, guided healthy relationship support
* Enhancing workplace / career / team-sport / school / educational relationships

The following are a planned guide of Events:

All are warmly welcome. Please be sure to ask about any others or check our Facebook events guide.
Please confirm with us when the event is happening – and let us know how many and who are coming along – as we cater accordingly. You do not need to join membership for these events if you do not wish to. If you are not a member, please bring a $5 donation per person – thank you.

Yearly, Welcome Open Day

Usually in the late Spring or Summertime from 10 am – 4 pm.
A friendly day where you can meet us, and we can meet you! Enjoy getting to know the friendly practitioners and helpers (horse, dog, cat, guinea pig, and human!); and hearing about some of the many life-changing stories we have been privileged to be part of (including our own). See the beautiful, natural grounds where equine experiences happen and gather valuable information about how Equine Supported Programs (ESP) Inc. can benefit you, your clients or someone you know.

Seasonal, Friendly Working Bee

Usually on the first Sunday of each season from 10am-12pm, followed by a ‘Gratitude and Celebration Lunch’ (if you wish to stay). An inclusive, ‘everyone is worthy of helping morning’ – with a variety of jobs and tasks to suit peoples’ differing joy in helping. All help is extremely appreciated for the worthy cause of Equine Supported Programs (ESP) Inc.