Horses Supporting Humans

Equine Supported Programs (ESP)

ESP is a recognised, experiential Learning, Growth & Healing (LG&H) service which endeavors to provide an accessible safe space where horses, other animals and nature support people with Social, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health.

“I love being with the horses because I can be myself around them….”

“The equine experience worked with our group because the focus was on the horses, not on us…”

“We loved it here so much and the food was amazing – we want to have our work Christmas Celebration here!”

“When Prince put his head on my solar plexus area – I felt a deep connection and just knew I could cope….”

“Wonderful, energising and grounding – the whole experience and how it was facilitated was excellent….”

“I’m more comfortable about taking a step back and re-adjusting expectations and I’m curious to learn more…”

“I felt a calm acceptance – Good grounding experience – very grateful to horses for accepting me…”

“This has provided ‘hope’ for me…”

“Much more powerful than I would have expected – Very centring – Thank you …”

“Provides a powerful opportunity to subtly delve deep – was gently nurturing…..”

“I learnt that horses are caring, understanding and have healing qualities….”

“I feel more connected, in tune, empathic and trusting…..”

“I really enjoyed the quiet power of this experience. It was unexpected that it was so calming and centring…”