About ESP

Learn, grow and heal with animals and nature ...

ESP is an evidence and trauma-informed, experiential Learning, Growth & Healing (LG&H) practice model for wellness.

Experiential Learning & Growth:
Self-determined way of being, created through exploration, observation and reflection (have a go, notice what happens and learn, or creatively discover something meaningful for self). This happens with the support of others as a valuable pathway for personal fulfillment, purpose and wellness.

Natural health shifts supporting to relieve social, emotional, mental, physical pain and discomfort, inspiring peace and wellness. This often naturally happens following personal learning and growth layers (as above).

Founded and continuously growing through the many supports and members during the last 12 plus years, ESP strives to be accessible, inclusive, compassionate, safe and fair for all (including animals and nature aspects).

ESP operates within the realms of an 'incorporated-informed, support service entity' - informed by current members for best practice, supported by corporate sponsorship and currently managed by Michelle Roockley (co-founder, mentor, trainer).

Personal and professional development for all ages and backgrounds is offered in a supportive setting with animals, nature and trained facilitators, enabling people to:
  • Build resilience and feel empowered
  • Develop meaningful relationships
  • Grow purpose and fulfilment
  • Enhance health and wellness

People experience nature based, relationship-centered activities, through a holistic and theme-based approach which is supportive for their:

  • Personal/professional development and fulfilment
  • Social, emotional, mental and physical health
  • Self-regulation and coping skills
  • Health shifts (healing)
  • Rest, respite and recovery
  • Feeling supported with acceptance and without pressure
  • Free expression and play (feel alive)
  • Deep somatic (body) awareness
  • Ability to adapt with healthy resilience
  • Clear communication (non-violent)
  • Engagement and motivation (having a go)
  • Feeling peaceful and deeply relaxed
“Whether engaging in activities with horses, other animals, or nature aspects, ESP’s ‘Natural Way of the Horse Life Skills’ play a unique support role as underpinning wellness guides, perfectly defining the ESP name:
Equine Supported Programs (ESP)”
Michelle Roockley
Founder, ESP

Animals and nature are supportive, honest friends and mentors

They help people become more aware of their self-needs in life.

This provides people with empowering life skills, meaningful relationships, enhanced health, and life-changing belief in self.

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ESP's 'Natural Way of the Horse Life Skills' are valuable 'people life skills' also ...

Michelle Roockley (ESP co-founder) has identified specific life skills that horses naturally strive to practice for their overall wellness, which are valuable ‘people life skills’ also.

Through her 40 plus years of observing, being and interacting with horses in various settings, Michelle notices that horses naturally wish for and strive to be:

Aware and grounded

gather information about self, other & the environment in healthy, present & embodied way

Curious and engaged

become openly interested to explore, with healthy, non-assuming judgement

Honest and clear

engage in truthful communication to self & other in a way that can be mutually understood with an intention for 'peace'

Outside and with nature

spend quality time with Nature for self-nourishment & sensory connection to Earth - Home

And will seek valuable time to:

Reflect and recover

holistically process, release, rest, rejuvenate, re-set & ready self for the next  

“ESP provides a great foundation, with a license for creativity”
Nicole Galvin
ESP Professional Support & Facilitator

Ethics and standards

ESP community recognise the need for clear, fair ethics and standards for practice within the ESP model (and beyond).

ESP ethics and standards reflect necessary, minimum guidelines for Equine/Animal/Nature Assisted (experiential) Learning and Therapeutic modalities for best-practice service delivery and horse/human/animal/nature/practitioner welfare.

The ethics and standards have been shaped and realised through the growth of Michelle’s professional and personal journey while developing ESP over the past years, as well as relevant published documents, reference material, and professional consultation.

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