Contributing Resources & Acknowledgements

ESP has been inspired, adapted and enriched through many different personal and professional resources and learnings.

With special thanks to

Chiron Programs

Scilla Sayer, Mike Drell

Heartz Ministries

Meredith Campbell

Health & Harmony Colleges

Mindfulness Practice

Kabat-Zinn – founder of Mindfulness Approach

Gestalt Equine Institute of Rockies

Duey Freeman

The Equine Psychotherapy Institute of Australia

Meg Kirby, Noel Haarburger


Nicole Galvin

Adventures in Awareness

Barbara K Rector

Groundwork Therapy

Kylie Peters, Barbara Rector

International Institute for Zoo Anthropology

Francesco De Giorgio, Jose De Giorgio-Schoorl

Woodstock Feeds N Needs


(Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association)

Animal Therapies Ltd.


(Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy)

PATH International


(International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organisations)

Douglas Mawson Institute of Australia



(Tasmanian Recovery from Eating Disorders)

The Butterfly Foundation                                


(Mental Health Professional Network)

Huon Valley Service Provider Network

Circle of Security

Magic 123 Training

Hills Horse Massage

Mandy Cooling

Sharon May Davis

Equine Muscular Skeletal expert

Cheryl Green

Horse Safety Australia Accredited Instructor

Carmen Bubner

Naturopath, Herbalist, Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner

Elements of Health

Melanie Creedy - Homeopath

Nisha De Jong

Naturopath & Herbalist

Sheila Trecartin

Animal Communicator


(Welfare Guidelines)

NRM South

(Natural Resource Management – Tasmania)

One Welfare

Special acknowledgements

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