Certificate in ESP Horse Life Skills (HLS) Facilitator

Short course: Certificate of completion to acknowledge the professional & personal development of the facilitator

Five Learning Modules (minimum 32 hours training)

Consisting of:

  • One day (six hours) in each learning and assessment module.
  • Practical, theory and written competency assessment.
  • Minimum one hour practical assessment and supervision, on location or via distance
  • Minimum one hour theory supervision on completion of written competency assessment.
  • Ongoing, caring and tailored support.

Module One (day one)

You will learn:

  • Meaning and scope of ESP Horse Life Skills (HLS) Facilitator
  • Equine Supported Programs (ESP) model – ethics & standards, mission and culture, services, etc.
  • Creating an engaging ‘safe space’ – with flexibility and adaptability
  • Meaning and practice of ‘Shared Experiential Learning, Growth & Healing’

Module Two (day two)

You will learn:

  • The unique support role of Equine (horse) in ESP practice
  • The valuable support role of other animals, pets, nature, weather, etc.
  • Refined skills for being a ‘Support’ person/facilitator
  • ESP’s unique, interactive facilitation format

Module Three (day three)

You will learn:

  • Creative integration of ‘Learning, Growth & Healing Themes’
  • Insight into ‘Compassionate Horse/Animal/Nature relationship’ skills in the ESP Model
  • Meaning and integration of ESP’s ‘Natural Way of the Horse Life Skills’
  • Holistic meaning and integration

Module Four (day four)

You will learn:

  • Meaning and Integration of ESP’s ‘Natural Processes’
  • Trauma meaning and basic support-skills
  • Mindfulness/Awareness meaning and integration
  • The support role of philosophical exploration/expression

Module Five (day five)

You will learn:

  • The support role of nourishing food/drinks and meaningful social connection
  • Review of support-facilitation skills which align with ESP ethics and standards
  • Important self-care/client-care and other-care
  • Defining your ‘facilitation-identity’ and the value of ‘you’ as a support person

Minimum one hour practical assessment once completing Learning Modules.

Certificate of competency requirements

  • Complete five Learning Modules
  • One written assessment
  • One practical assessment
  • Minimum two ESP debrief / mentoring supervisions
  • Signed pledge of ESP’s ethics & standards

Your financial investment

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32 hours practical and theory learning, assessment and ESP supervision
(includes minimum practical assessment debrief and written assessment mentoring)

Payment in full

$1,320 (in-person)
$715 (online/distance)

Pay as you go

$297 / learning module (in-person)
$165 / learning module (online/distance)

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