Intro / Insight Course: Equine, Animal, Nature Assisted Learning & Therapeutic Practice

'ESP Intro to Nature-Based Learning, Growth & Healing'. Short Course: Certificate of completion to acknowledge personal and / or professional development. Self-paced course or workshop for those wishing to gain valuable insight into Equine / Animal / Nature supported wellness practice for self and others. *Suits teens to seniors

Course includes

  • ESP Learning Growth & Healing Manual 
  • Engaging activities and learning quests, aligning with 20 flow-on learning topics 
  • 1-hour initial learning session (in-person / online)
  • 1-hour practical learning session (in person / online)
  • 1-hour completion mentoring session (in person / online)
  • Support throughout (via email, phone etc.)  
  • Certificate of Completion 

Valuable if wishing more information about the ESP Practitioner Certification or Facilitator Course

Valuable for volunteers and / or integrating quality ethics in current or future practice

May also be completed as a workshop - 6 hours in-person or online, over 1 -2 days (includes lunch)

Next 2023 Online Intro Course Workshop: 30/10 & 31/10, 11-2 pm (live-interactive zoom 11- 12:30pm *Tasmania time

May be used as RPL for future ESP Training

Insight into 2o Flow-On Learning Topics

  • Meaning & scope of Equine / Animal / Nature Assisted Learning & Therapeutic modalities.
  • Equine Supported Programs (ESP) Model – ethics & standards, mission & culture, services, etc.
  • Creating an engaging ‘safe space’ – with flexibility & adaptability.
  • The unique meaning and support role of Equine (horse) in the ESP model.
  • The valuable support role of animals, pets, nature, weather, etc.
  • Meaning & integration of ‘Shared Experiential Learning, Growth & Healing’
  • Refined skills for being a ‘Support’ person.
  • ESP’s unique, interactive & flexible facilitation format.
  • Creative integration of ‘Learning Growth & Healing Themes’.
  • ESP's ‘Compassionate Horse / Animal / Nature Relationship’ skills
  • Meaning & integration of ESP’s ‘Natural Way of the Horse Life Skills’.
  • Holistic meaning & integration.
  • Meaning & integration of ESP’s ‘Natural Processes’.
  • Trauma meaning & basic support-skills / practice.
  • Mindfulness / Awareness meaning & integration.
  • The support role of philosophical exploration & expression.
  • The support role of nourishing food/drinks & meaningful social connection.
  • Practice ideals & review of support skills aligning with ESP ethics & standards.
  • Important self-care, client-care, horse/animal-care & other-care.
  • Defining your ‘practice-identity’ & the value of ‘you’ as a support person.

Completion Requirements

  • Complete course within 12 months 
  • Complete 20 Learning Topics 
  • Minimum 2 learning sessions (with an ESP certified Trainer or Mentor)
  • Minimum 1 mentoring session (with an ESP certified Mentor)
  • Signed ESP Ethics & Standards pledge

Course investment

Available with a Mentoring Membership and payment agreement.
Payments agreements are personalised and guided by ESP's 'Care and Fair for All' ethics (please enquire below or 0417 812 258 for more information)

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